Example Letter Abdoul

31 January 2020

Dear Ministers Mendicino and Blair,

re: stop deportation of —, UCI 11 0495 0123.

I am writing in support of — (UCI 11 0495 0123) who is currently in the Laval Immigration Detention Centre. He is facing deportation as early as 10 February to a country he hasn’t lived in for nearly 8 years.

As a gay man, he faces persecution in his country of citizenship. If he is open about his sexuality, he will face cruelty and violence. His father, who is aware that he is gay, has already renounced him.

Please use your powers jointly to stop his deportation and regularize his status in Canada. Working together, you have many avenues to do so easily: a stay of deportation and reopening of his PRRA; a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP); permanent residence on humanitarian grounds; etc.

Please, do not write back to say that he has had due process and that Canada’s refugee system has integrity, etc. That would a failure to treat this young man with justice, respect and care.

In anticipation of your speedy and positive intervention to stop this cruel and violent injustice.


Solidarity Across Borders