Ce 3 octobre, Joignez-vous à nous pour une journée d’action contre la détention de migrant.e.s par la Canada

septembre 8, 2019

restoring justice webpageWhat: Day of Action in Multiple Cities Against Migrant Detention
When: October 3, 2019
Where: Canada and International

In the last two years, an active fight against the construction of a new prison for migrants planned in Laval, Quebec, has been led by different groups. This broad mobilization has included a variety of tactics, each fighting in its own way to end Canada’s border and prison system.

Solidarity Across Borders participated in this fight by organizing demonstrations, workshops, press conferences, a statement against the prison (currently signed by more than 80 groups) and temporary occupations of the building site itself. Despite sustained and widespread opposition to this project, construction work on the new prison for migrant workers in Laval has recently begun.

We are now faced with the urgent need to act quickly to put pressure on companies that have been awarded contracts for the construction of this new prison. We started a series of weekly actions focused on these profiteers, and we are calling for a Day of Action on October 3rd, organized by allied groups in different cities across the country and abroad.

The new Laval jail is just one part of the immigration detention system in Canada that the Day of Action aims to challenge. Whether federal prisons for migrants, provincial prisons that hold migrants for the CBSA, businesses that benefit from the detention of migrants, CBSA offices or NGOs implementing the CBSA’s alternative « alternative » monitoring and control systems, Canada’s immigration detention infrastructure is expanding everywhere. We are calling for action on October 3 to challenge this system and help make its infrastructure more visible.

Can you help organize an action in your city? Please write to: solidaritesansfrontieres@gmail.com

No prison! No borders!

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