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On November 10th and 11th, people gathered in front of the Laval Immigration Detention Center (officially named “Centre de prévention de l’immigration”) to stand in solidarity with all those detained as a result of a racist and exploitive immigration system. The Laval Detention Center is a prison where at any one time there can be upwards of 100 immigrants held, including families with children. These walls unjustly seperate families and destroy lives. They are part of a world apartheid system that controls movement and displaces entire communities from the US-Mexico border to Palestine.

 Popular Education Videos

Every year, approximately 10,000 people are deported from Canada to their countries of origin where their physical integrity is threatened.  If you are on a flight where someone is being deported, you have the power to stop the deportation. Find out how by watching this video! Produced and filmed by Apatride Anonyme.

This film tells the story of Nicholas, who was deported on August 9, 2012, after living 30 years in Canada, to Guyana, a country he hadn’t seen since he was 9 years old, and where he knew no one.

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