14 January. Vigil in memory of Ana Karen Vasquez-Flores: Open the borders! Status for all!

WHEN: Sunday, January 14th at 1:30 pm
Where : Place de la Gare Jean-Talon, the plaza beside Parc Metro Station


We invite you to honour the memory of Ana Karen Vasquez-Flores, whose body was found close to Roxham Road near the Canada-U.S. border on December 14, one month ago. From Mexico, Ana Karen Vasquez-Flores was 5 months pregnant and attempting to join family members in the United States.

Once again, we bear witness to the fact that government attempts to prevent people from crossing borders do not stop them from traveling, but only force them to take more dangerous routes. Ana Karen chose the route she felt was safest, coming to Canada to avoid the deadly deserts between Mexico and the United States. Ana Karen Vasquez-Flores died as a result of the racist choices made by the immigration system – just like Fritznel Richard, José Leos Cervantes, the Chaudhari family, the Iordache family and far too many others. Borders kill! We must condemn the violence of the immigration system!

In honour of Ana Karen Vasquez-Flores, in honour of others who have died crossing the border between Canada and the U.S., between Mexico and the U.S., on the migrant trail, in the Mediterranean and on other borders around the world, come show your solidarity with Ana Karen’s family and demand status for all!

Please bring a candle if you can.

Solidarity Across Border and the Caring for Social Justice collective

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