16 Mar. Migrant Spring

Full Regularisation Now, Stop Scapegoating Migrants, Unite for Dignity and Justice!

Mass Protest
Saturday, 16 March at 1pm
Gathering Point: Place de la Gare-Jean-Talon (Parc Metro)

All out for Migrant Spring! Join the fight for equality, dignity and justice. United, we are strong!

#StatusforAll #UniteAgainstRacism

Solidarity Across Borders and the Immigrant Workers Centre are joining the cross-Canada Migrant Spring mobilisation to denounce the systemic racism of Canada’s immigration system and the scapegoating of migrants in the current crisis and demand Status for All!

As community members who are undocumented or have a temporary, precarious status – whether we came as refugees, visitors, students, farmworkers, caregivers, or any of the other boxes the immigration system uses to divide us – we will march together to demand justice and recognition of our dignity as equal human beings. We call on all other community members, organisations, groups, and unions to join us in solidarity.

In December 2023, Federal Immigration Minister Marc Miller stated publicly that a regularisation programme would be announced in spring 2024. We need to make clear that we will accept nothing less than a comprehensive regularisation programme that grants permanent status to all undocumented migrants and refugees, excluding no one, and an immediate halt to deportations and detentions.

On June 17th, programmes allowing migrant caregivers to apply for permanent residence from inside Canada will expire. Thousands of racialized migrant women who take care of children, sick, and elderly will face deportation or become undocumented as a result. Already, many who apply are denied permanent residence because of all the paperwork. This is just one example of how Canada’s racist and colonial immigration system criminalises migrants and forces us into situations of hyper-exploitation, housing and food precarity, daily fear of arrest, and separates families.

In this period of a global rise in xenophobia and racism, unapologetic genocide, climate crisis, housing crisis, rising food prices, public service crises, we reject the scapegoating of migrants as a strategy to divide and distract us. In particular, we denounce the Coalition Avenir Québec’s ongoing attacks on migrants for political gain. The Québec government’s scapegoating of asylum seekers and denial of essential services, such as daycare, serves as a reminder of the urgent need for solidarity. We unite to march against the structures, systems, and institutions – from landlords, grocery monopolies and mass media to borders, capitalism, and colonialism – which create divisions among us and allow the wealthy to profit.

Status for all. End Deportations. End Detentions.

For more information, to endorse as an organisation, or to help mobilise for March 16th:

Immigrant Workers Centre
Solidarity Across Borders