#HungerStrikeLaval Teach in – The Struggle Continues

Ex-detainees and hunger strikers speak up about the urgency of releasing all those detained amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

When: Saturday 11 April
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Place: Online.
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Between March 24 and 31, migrants detained in Laval’s migrant prison went on hunger strike to demand that the detainees be freed and be given access to necessary health care and housing. Their fight has generated an outpouring of solidarity from coast to coast, and continues to strengthen the movement to free all prisoners.

Migrant detainees remain at an extremely high risk of contracting COVID-19, and currently 15 people remain in detention in Laval Prison. However, immigration judges are proceeding as usual with individual detention reviews and are slowly releasing detainees on a case by case basis.

Once migrant detainees are released, their access to essential services, such as healthcare and housing, is limited by their precarious immigration status. Demands for status for all take on a new urgency in the context of COVID-19 to ensure that no-one is left behind in the response to the pandemic.

Join us for this teach-in as we hear directly from ex-detainees and hunger strikers to learn more about the situation in the detention center, their current challenges and the urgency of the demands to #FreeThemAll and for #StatusForAll.

The struggle continues with demands to free all those confined in prisons and detention centres across Turtle Island/North America. Let’s keep the momentum and the pressure to free all detainees!!

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