Speak-Out: Status for All, End Detentions, End Deportations

All out to demand the FULL regularisation of ALL undocumented and precarious status migrants in Canada.

Wednesday, 21 February at 10am
Marc Miller’s Riding Office
3175 rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, QC H4C 1G7 (Lionel Groulx metro)

In the lead up to the 16 March cross-Canada day of action calling out the systemic racism of Canada’s immigration system, come join us in front of the riding office of Immigration Minister Marc Miller to demand a full regularisation programme for all undocumented and precarious status migrants. As community members who are undocumented or have precarious status, we will Speak Out to demand justice and recognition of our dignity as equal human beings. We call on all other community members to join us in solidarity.

Canada’s violent, racist immigration system shows its true face to members of our society with a precarious status or stripped of legal status entirely – literally denying our very existence and forcing us into situations of hyper-exploitation, housing and food precarity, and daily fear. It shows its true face in CBSA-run detention centres and the brutal deportations that CBSA oversees. It shows its true face in its support for genocide in Gaza and in the deaths of people like Ana Karen Vasquez-Flores, Fritznel Richard, José Leos Cervantes, the Chaudhari family, the Iordache family and many others who have been killed crossing the US-Canadian border.

In December, Marc Miller for the first time publicly stated that a regularisation programme would be announced in spring 2024. Come help us make clear to him that we will not tolerate anything short of a fully inclusive, comprehensive programme that grants full and permanent status to all undocumented migrants and refugees, excluding no one.

Status for all. End Deportations. End Detentions.

Immigrant Workers Centre
Solidarity Across Borders