Chronology – Lakatos Family’s Story of Survival

20 October 2004 – Suicide of Katalin’s oldest son following racist incident with police

2005 – Katalin launches complaint against Hungarian police for driving her son to suicide; intense police harassment begins.

February 2011 – Near death of second son (Gilda’s older brother) following racially-motivated medical neglect.

14 June 2011 – Family arrives in Canada, applies for asylum.

April 2015 – Refugee demand refused.

22 September 2015 – Application on humanitarian grounds filed.

30 October 2015 – Family ordered deported. They remain in Canada.

3 March 2016 – Arrest of father and son, now undocumented, in routine police check of car they are travelling in. They are detained at the Laval Immigration Detention Centre.

8 March – Katalin and Gilda, 16-years old at the time, voluntarily turn themselves in to CBSA. They are detained at the Laval Immigration Detention Centre.

11 March – Deportation of father and son.

17 March – Katalin and Gilda are released from detention by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

11 May – On eve of new deportation date (12 May 2016), the federal Minister of Immigration recognizes “exceptional circumstances” and grants a Temporary Resident Permit – but only for two months.

14 July – Katalin and Gilda apply to renew TRP; lawyer confirms that they can legally remain in Canada until they obtain response on renewal application.

16 July – TRP expired.

28 July – Meeting with CBSA.