“Coderre, Coderre, so where’s your sanctuary city??!!”

23131895_534891793531345_2542940889917248332_nRally with the Non-Status Women’s Collective


Thursday, 19 October at 11:30am
Montreal City Hall, 275 Notre Dame Est  (métro Champ-de-Mars).

You are invited to participate in an action in front of City Hall to demand a real sanctuary city from Mayor Denis Coderre. In January 2017, he declared that Montreal was a sanctuary city, but it was not true.

Nine months after Coderre’s statement, people without status still don’t have access to over-the-table work or public services like health services, housing, education, etc.

And non-status people are still being arrested because of their immigration status and turned over to the CBSA by the SPVM (which reports directly to Coderre!), imprisonned and deported.

Join us in the struggle for a life of dignity.

We are counting on you to be there.


Non Status Women’s Collective of Montreal
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