December 17th: March and vigil – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Action, Santé, Travesti(e)s et Transexuel(le)s du Québec (ASTTeQ), Rézo et Stella, l’amie de Maimie invite
the people we work with, our sisters, brothers, friends, families, and allies to:

December 17th : International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers



Meeting point @ 4.30pm
Montreal Municipal Court
775 rue Gosford, Montréal
(Champs de Mars metro)

Finish with a vigil at:
Palais de Justice
1 Rue Notre-Dame East, Montréal

This December 17th is an important one for Canadian sex workers, those we work closest with and our allies. Almost one year ago to date we celebrated a huge victory in the Supreme Court with the recognition that criminal laws contribute to the violence that sex workers experience. This past year we were hit very hard fighting the entry of a new regime of laws (C-36) that came into force and effect on December 6th. Our safety and security continues to be at risk.

With the passage of these laws we take a somber moment to mourn the lives that criminalization has stolen. We mourn for the continued loss of our physical, economic and psychological safety. And we mourn for the loss of dignity that we continue to suffer under this new regime. Most importantly, we mourn together with an even stronger and more visible community of allies.

All is not lost! Our voices, support and visibility continue to shift both public opinion and policy!

Please be visible with us and continue to protest the continued and systemic violence of prostitution laws.

Together we are strong.