Fundraiser: critical eye surgery for an undocumented woman


You can make a donation here:

Dear friends and allies,

Members of Solidarity Across Borders are supporting an undocumented woman who has lived, worked and built community in Montreal for more than half her life, for over 30 years. The past two years have been particularly difficult for her as she gets older, as her work hours have diminished and, significantly, as she faces major issues with her eyes because of her severe diabetes.

Having waited to see a doctor because of lack of medical insurance and, thus, hefty costs, she is now at a very difficult stage in the deterioration of her vision. In an urgent attempt to save what little vision she has left, she underwent intensive retina surgery last week (the end of November).

Doctors at Medecins du Monde together with Solidarity Across Borders, found a retina surgeon to operate on her free of charge, but she still has to deal with the enormous hospital fees. These presently amount to $3,800.

So we are asking allies and friends to donate a bit of money to support this woman in paying back the fees for the medical care that she needs, to try to prevent her from going blind.

We see these kinds of contributions as one part of a larger struggle against the injustices perpetuated by the Canadian immigration regime, which systematically excludes hundreds of thousands of undocumented people living in Canada from basic autonomy and dignity.

Thank you for considering donating.

Status, justice, and dignity for all!

Listen here to an excerpt from No One Is Illegal radio, where the woman shares her story in an interview: