During the demonstration at the “Conservative 2012 Youth Conference”

SATURDAY, March 3rd,
from 11:30am to 1:30pm
at the Delta Hotel, 777 University Avenue (corner St. Antoine),

More information about the Conservative Conference (including list of guest speakers, such as Jason Kenney):


This Saturday at 11:30 am Dignidad Migrante (DM), Immigrant Workers’ Center (IWC), No One Is Illegal-Montreal (NOII) and Solidarity Across Borders (SAB) will join a rally that will take place in front of the Delta Hotel where a national conference for young Conservatives will be hosted.

While the young conservatives have come to listen to their senior members and party leaders celebrate the federal election results and “prepare for the future,” we will be there to tell the naïve youth and their paternalistic leaders that we categorically reject their agenda: it represents an unbearable future consisting of violence, inequality, repression, war, a culture of snitching, fear, distrust, withdrawal, racism, sexism and oppression where the most rich and powerful squash everyone else.

As long as the young Conservatives dedicate themselves to the party, they should be aware that they will be met by people and groups that fight their backwards, elitist, authoritarian, militaristic, sexist, racist, and xenophobic ideologies.

We strongly oppose the policies of the Conservative government and their racist minister of Citizenship, Anti-Immigration and Deportations, Jason Kenney, who will be present at the conference on Saturday. These
anti-immigrant policies and unjust laws, such as the recent bill to reject refugees (Bill-C31), make up their vile plans to:

• Increase the criminalization of migrants: mandatory detention, including their children, no access to appeals or permanent residency, fast-tracked deportations, increased double punishment and the revocations of status of people who lived here for decades, an aggressive media-campaign to hunt down the ‘foreign dangerous and illegal criminal’;

• Restrict family reunification (with parents and spouses) and limit access to permanent residency, breaking up homes and shattering families;

• Conditional refugee status and revocable permanent residence if countries are deemed safe by the minister ;

• Expand temporary worker programs: which leave migrants -brought here like virtual slaves in order to respond to the needs of local employers- extremely exploitable, disposable, and defenseless in the face of severe exploitation with no access to labor standards or permanent status.

The Conservatives are promoting the Low Skilled Pilot Project as the only means to enter Fortress Canada. In 2010, Canada brought in 18, 2322 temporary foreign workers, as thousands of people are forced to live underground in constant fear of deportation and detention, while suffering complete social exclusion. They are denied dignity, a decent living and permanent status. Yet, they are the invisible ones who make the economy run.

For these reasons, we oppose the anti-migrant hatred and violence that the Conservatives engender with their laws and discourse.

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-Immigrant Workers Center:

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