Montreal- DC Anti-Border Solidarity Caravan (January 19-21, 2017)


Montreal- DC Anti-Border Solidarity Caravan
Protest Donald Trump’s Inauguration (January 19-21, 2017)
Donate and/or Participate!


Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. There will be protests against Donald Trump organized by DC-based community groups. Let’s show solidarity from Montreal by driving down together to oppose the sexist, racist, Islamophobic, far-right politics the Trump administration represents.

A border may divide us and our comrades in the south, but our struggle is global. We resist not just Trump’s inauguration, but unapologetically stand against the politics of border imperialism as well.

We are organizing a Montreal-DC Anti-Border Caravan. We would like to prioritize the involvement of Indigenous, racialized, immigrant, Latinx, queer/trans and poor folks. Our goal is to create and reinforce networks of solidarity, both locally and across the border.

There are two main ways you can be involved:

i) DONATE! To facilitate the participation of low-income folks, please consider a donation, either as an organization or individually. If you have disposable income, we strongly encourage you to “sponsor” a seat on this caravan for a low-income person. Read more below about how to donate.

ii) PARTICIPATE! Keeping in mind that we prioritizing front-line struggles and voices, consider joining the caravan, with your vehicle, or as a participant. If you are able to participate, send an e-mail to with your name, contact info, as well as a short paragraph telling us about yourself and your local involvement.

The Montreal caravan will be leaving early morning on Thursday, January 19 to drive down together, and aims to return on Saturday, January 21. We are currently looking for housing in Washington D.C. and will have more updates shortly.  Unfortunately, because we are crossing a border, this caravan can only involve people with valid travel documents (passports) as well as people without criminal records.

How to donate:

→ You can donate ONLINE via the Solidarity Across Borders paypal OR via e-transfer. The paypal link is on the Solidarity Across Borders website (on the right side) … For e-transfer, email the donation to us at … In either case, be sure to indicate “Montreal-DC Anti-Border Caravan” on your donation.

→ You can donate by CHEQUE. Make the cheque out to “Solidarité sans frontières” and be sure to put “Montreal-DC Anti-Border Caravan” in the memo line. You can mail your cheque to:
Montreal-DC Anti-Border Caravan
c/o Solidarity Across Borders
1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204
Montreal (QC) H3G 1N1

→ You can donate in CASH; contact to arrange for a cash payment.

web: (under construction) or

(This initiative is endorsed and supported by Solidarity Across Borders.)