New Deportation Date for Lucy on April 13th: Two More Weeks in Detention, Two Weeks to Stop her Deportation.

let-lucy-stayMothers launching CBSA sit-in to Let Lucy Stay + Other Upcoming Actions

UPDATE: Hours after Lucy was refused release at her second statutory detention review hearing on Wednesday, the CBSA set a new deportation date of Friday, April 13th.

See below for details of how you can support Lucy and upcoming actions, including a sit-in – Mothers for Lucy – outside CBSA offices in downtown Montreal.

Facing two more weeks in detention, Lucy’s health continues to deteriorate. On Thursday, she was again hospitalized but brought back to the detention centre in the evening. “My lips turned purple,” she said to friends visiting in the evening, “and my heart was beating really fast.” Again, neither her lawyer nor her family were informed of the situation. Lucy’s friends and community members continue to be very concerned for Lucy’s well-being.

A gathering in support of Lucy took place on Thursday at the offices of the Fédération des femmes du Québec on Thursday. Three of Lucy’s friends spoke very movingly of her struggle as a single mother and a migrant, of their concern for their friend and neighbour, and of their outrage at her mistreatment.

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→ Words of love and solidarity for Lucy: her friend Ana’s (sp) —; her friend Alonso’s (en) —

Lucy has been in detention since CBSA burst into her apartment and violently arrested her on March 20th. The movement around her is determined to stop her deportation, free her from detention, and secure her permanent status in Canada. Support is growing in opposition to the violence, abuses, and indifference with which Lucy has been stripped of her rights and humanity, and to the Canadian state’s contempt for women of colour, migrants, and workers which Lucy’s treatment reveals. Solidarity with Lucy is solidarity with all undocumented migrant women and workers. More information:


Tuesday, April 3rd: Launch of “Mothers for Lucy” sit-in. Mothers for Lucy will be maintaining a constant day-time presence in support of Lucy from Tuesday, April 3 until Thursday, April 12 in front of the offices of the Canada Border Services Agency (1010 St. Antoine O.). Mothers and supporters: come out to show your support for Lucy!

Thursday, April 5th: Cross-Canada call for “Delegation-visits” to MP offices in every riding to deliver message: Let Lucy Stay. Get in touch if you want to be involved in a delegation to your MP:

Tuesday, April 10th: Lights for Lucy neighbourhood candlelight vigils. Get in touch if you want to help organize in your neighbourhood: More details coming!


Continue to call and write the Ministers of Immigration and Public Safety. We will continue to offer updated templates of letters on our facebook group. Please continue to encourage your friends to write and call. Details on who to call, their contact information and updated templates here.

Email or call your own MP (find their contact information here). Ask them to speak to the Minister of Immigration and Minister of Public Safety and tell them to stop Lucy’s deportation until her application for permanent residence on humanitarian grounds is determined. (They may ask you for her file and her immigration number; tell them they don’t need it to take a position.)

Sign this petition to let Lucy stay, and receive her permanent residency:

We encourage autonomous actions in support and solidarity with Lucy in Montreal and across the continent. Share photos of your actions using the hashtags #LetLucyStay #LucyDroitRester and send them to us by facebook or

More information & further updates:

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