2009 In April, Lucy arrived in Canada and made a refugee claim.

2011 July 11th Lucy’s refugee claim was refused.

2012 May 14th Lucy’s pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA) is refused and she is ordered deported. She stayed in Montreal; an arrest warrant was issued for her as an undocumented migrant.

2017 In September, Lucy filed an application for permanent residence on humanitarian grounds.

2018 On 17 January, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada began to process her file.

On 26 January, Lucy’s lawyer received a phone call from a CBSA officer. He said that Lucy’s file would not be processed unless she presented herself to be arrested.

On 8 February, Lucy’s lawyer informed CBSA and IRCC that, by law, the Minister has an unconditional obligation to examine H&Cs, and that Lucy should not be required to present herself to CBSA as a precondition for the processing of her application. She received no response.

On 20 March at 6am, Lucy was violently arrested inside her home by CBSA officers. She was brought to Laval Immigration Detention Centre.

On 22 March, Lucy had a detention review hearing, with Federation des femmes du Québec President Gabrielle Bouchard offering to be a bondsperson for her release. CBSA told the presiding board member that Lucy would be deported on 27 March. The board member ruled that Lucy would stay in detention until her deportation.

On 23 March, Lucy’s lawyer files an administrative stay application to ask CBSA to stop the deportation until her humanitarian application is decided by the Immigration Minister.

On 25 March, CBSA brought Lucy to their offices to prepare her for deportation. She fainted, was resuscitated, and hospitalized. She is shackled in the hospital and two CBSA officers stationed outside her door; she is not allowed to make any calls or receive visits except from her lawyer. Her lawyer is not informed she is there. Her deportation was postponed. She was brought back to Laval the evening of March 26th.

On 28 March, Lucy had a second detention review hearing. The CBSA told the presiding board member that Lucy would be deported soon, but didn’t give a date. The board member ruled that Lucy would stay in detention until her deportation. That night CBSA communicated the new deportation date: 13 April.

On 29 March, Lucy is again hospitalized, but returned to the detention centre the same evening. Again, her lawyer is not informed.

On 9 April, CBSA finally responds on the administrative stay application, filed on 23 March. They refuse it.

On 10 April. Lucy’s lawyers ask the federal court to hear Lucy’s application for a stay of deportation. CBSA opposes Lucy’s even being heard.

On April 12, the Federal Court reviews the application for a stay of deportation by telephone (at 11:00 am). If successful, the court could stop the deportation. At 5:15 pm the lawyer receives the news that the application has been refused.

On April 13, at 3:00 am about fifty of Lucy’s supporters come to the Laval Immigration Prevention Center to form a festive blockade. To avoid the rally, at around 8am CBSA officers cut their way through a fence behind the detention centre to assure her deportation at 9:15.

On the evening of April 13, Lucy Francineth Granados arrives in Guatemala late April 13 with only her clothes on her, being rushed out of the country without her luggage. The agents who accompanied her to Guatemala also left her without official ID nor her medication.