(October 18) Fall Assembly of Solidarity Across Borders

12036414_904457672942227_717038806538607460_nSunday October 18th, 2015
2pm to 5pm
Lorne Centre, 2390 Ryde Street, 2nd floor
metro Charlevoix

Free childcare! Translation english-french-spanish! Free food! Wheelchair accessible!

Please RSVP if you need childcare; that will help us with planning, thank you!

Do you have any other needs we should meet so that you can participate? Contact us at solidaritesansfrontieres@gmail.com or cell # 438-933-7654.

Come out to the seventh seasonal assembly of Solidarity Across Borders (SAB)!

Solidarity Across Borders holds four open assemblies a year, one each season. These assemblies are places to discuss overall strategy of Solidarity Across Borders, react to changes in the political context, bring new proposals and make decisions. They are opportunities to think and plan together and to share resources as we oppose deportations, detentions and double punishment of migrants, and work to make Montreal into a Solidarity City.

** The minutes from the Summer 2015 Assembly are available. Please read them and if you have any changes to suggest, bring them to the assembly.

Thousands of people are deported from Montreal every year. Many others live in precarity; under temporary workers’ programmes, without full status, or without papers. They are vulnerable to super-exploitation in the workplace and to domestic violence, and are denied access to healthcare, education or other social services. Canada’s immigration system is part of a system of global apartheid, protecting the privileges of a tiny minority at the expense of the vast majority, who are denied the means to live in dignity. Individually, we have little power to change this situation; only by working together can we begin to challenge it.

Everyone who agrees with our demands is welcome, particularly those facing the impact of the immigration system themselves. While discussion is open to all, only members will participate in decision-making. Members agree with our demands and are either directly affected by the immigration system, involved in one of our committees, or contribute to SAB organizing when and as they can.

SAB opposes the deportations, detentions and double punishment of migrants. We call for status for all in Canada, now! We work to make Montreal a solidarity city, where everyone can live in full dignity with equal access to healthcare, education, and other public services.

Coming to an assembly is a great way to start getting involved in SAB! In addition, SAB has six committees (Health for All!, Collectif éducation sans frontières, Shelters not Borders!, Support, Building a Solidarity City, and Media Committee). SAB also organizes Status for All mobilizations and activities each spring. Contact us at solidaritesansfrontieres@gmail.com to find out which committees are actively recruiting and how to get involved.

More information

* Read our website solidarityacrossborders.org, contact us by email solidaritesansfrontieres@gmail.com or telephone 438-933-7654.
* To receive updates, join our listserve by emailing solidaritesansfrontieres@gmail.com or like our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/CiteSansFrontieres