Report-back: “Refugees Welcome / Open The Borders” Protest (photos, articles, posters)

Montreal Demonstration, September 5, 2015
On Saturday, September 5, 2015, more than 700 people responded to a call by Solidarity Across Borders for a protest to denounce the Canadian government and their complicit role in the deaths of refugees and migrants, in the context of the recent deaths of Alan Kurdi, 3, his brother Ghalib, 5, and mother Rehanna. The Montreal protest was part of cross-Canada mobilizations in more than 20 towns and cities, as well as mobilizations worldwide in support of refugees and migrants.
This brief report-back includes information about: i) Upcoming Protest; ii) Demo Flyer; iii) Posters; iv) Photos; v) Speakers; vi) Media Articles; vii) Defying P-6 By-law. Please share widely.



Four Montreal-area groups — the Non-Status Action Committee , le Comité d’actions contre la décision 168-13 de la République dominicaine, Unissons-nous – Let’s unite, and Solidarity Across Borders — are calling for a Refugees Welcome / Unity March Against Deportations on October 10 in Montreal.

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– web: might be more “Refugees Welcome” actions prior to October 10 in Montreal. Contact to join our announcements list for details, or “like” our facebook page:


The following demonstration flyer – titled “Refugees Welcome, Open the Borders” was passed out to passers-by during the demonstration on September 5:
– English:
– French: POSTERSSeveral tabloid-size posters were used for the demonstration, held up by hundreds of protesters.You can view, download, and print the posters at the following link: PHOTOSA compilation of photos from the demonstration have been uploaded to flickr and facebook:-

If you have more photos (or video), please share at


The following people spoke at the beginning of the “Refugees Welcome / Open the Borders” demonstration in Montreal:

– Huseyin Akyol, a member of the Kurdish community in Montreal, from a family of Kurdish refugees in Turkey

– Melis Cagan, a Montreal student originally from Turkey
Read Melis’ speech here:

– Serge Bouchereau, of the Non-Status Action committee, organizing against the deportation of Haitians and Zimbabweans from Canada
For more info about the Non-Status Action Committee:

– Maria, 16, a high-school student in Montreal, who spoke to denounce the recent arrest and deportation of Daniel from a Montreal-area school
For info about the Bring Daniel Home campaign, visit:

– Viviana Carol, member of the Bring Daniel Home campaign and organizer with the Immigrant Workers Center, speaking about undocumented residents of Montreal

– Shahrzad Arshadi, a Montreal artist originally from Iran, who has visited Kurdish pershmerga areas

– Cathia Cariotte, member of the Haitian community and organizer with Unissons-nous – Let’s unite
For more information about Let’s Unite:

– Frantz André, member of the Haitian community and member of the Comité d’actions contre la déclaration 168-13 de la République dominicaine
For more information about the Comité d’actions:

– Avi Grenadier, member of the Jewish community in Montreal, making links between current refugee policies and Canada’s “None is too many’ policy against Jewish refugees
Read Avi’s speech here:

– Sheila Sedinger, migrant from Mexico and member of Solidarity Across Borders, who successfully resisted a deportation order
For more information:

As well as interventions by Jaggi Singh and Rosalind Wong, organizers with Solidarity Across Borders.


– (Global) Protest urges feds to do more for refugees (with video)

– (CTV) Protesters demand Canada take in more Syrian refugees (with video)

– (Montreal Gazette) Hundreds rally in Montreal for Syrian refugees

– (Toronto Star) Hundreds at Montreal march urge government to accept more refugees (with video)
– (The Link): Montreal Marches to Welcome Refugees (with video)
– (CJAD) Montrealers demand Canada open doors to more Syrians fleeing civil war– (The Concordian) Rallying for refugees

– (La Presse) Crise de migrants : Stephen Harper talonné par des centaines de manifestants– (Radio-Canada) Des Canadiens dans la rue pour ouvrir les frontières aux réfugiés (avec vidéo)

– (Radio-Canada) Grand rassemblement à Montréal en appui aux réfugiés syriens

– (TVA) Manifestation pour accueillir des réfugiés

– (98,5 FM) Des manifestants demandent au gouvernement d’accueillir plus de réfugiés

– ( Montréal: manifestation pour accueillir des réfugiés

– (Métro) MTL: rassemblement pour plus de réfugiés au Canada– (Le Journal) Vague de sympathie pour les réfugiés syriens à travers le Canada


The “Refugees Welcome / Open the Borders” demonstration openly defied the P-6 bylaw. We were able to march freely, on a route of our own choosing, without any police harassment, arrests or tickets. We encourage organizations that have not yet done so to add their name to the following Community Declaration against P-6, signed by more than 80 groups:

Refugees Welcome / Unity March Against Deportations
Saturday, October 10, 2pm,
Gathering at Norman Bethune Square (métro Guy-Concordia)