4 July: Mass Rally and March: Status for all! Everyone is Essential!

July 4th 2020 at 11am
Place Émilie-Gamelin (Berri-UQAM metro station)

In collaboration with other groups, and as part of the cross-Canada campaign for Status for All (www.migrantrights.ca), Solidarity Across Borders is organizing a march, “Status for all! We are all essential!” on July 4th at 11am at Place Émilie-Gamelin (Berri-UQAM metro). The demonstration is calling for status for all, with no exception. No one should be left behind.

Solidarity Across Borders invites all non-status people to join the movement, whatever their status: undocumented, international students, temporary workers, caregivers, and refugees. Young or old, employed or unemployed, criminalized or not, we are calling on all people who face discrimination based on their immigration status to come together so we can unite our voices and forces to demand *status for all!* *we are all essential!* We are acting for all people made vulnerable by unjust immigration laws, although of crucial importance to Canadian society – a truth nobody can deny.

We also invite all people and organizations who share our ideals of justice and equality and support the cause of non status people.

Non-status people are pushed into hard labour for the success and development of the Canadian economy, on the front lines in dangerous and dismal working conditions, without healthcare, benefits, or emergency relief. Even while everyone stayed home to protect themselves from COVID-19, many among us were forced to face the danger, and thus allowed Canadian society to continue functioning. Unfortunately, no one thought to compensate non-status people for the great efforts they made, nor recognized them as full human beings, who should be entitled to the same as everyone else. People without status are entitled to full recognition, esteem, and respect.

We come together to say: the injustice, discrimination, and the exploitation of non-status people must stop! We will unite our forces and our voices to demand a comprehensive regularization programme: status for all! It’s the least we can do in this time of pandemic.

* We will have water and cars if you need transportation or if you are tired of walking
* If you would like the be paired with someone to march together, please write us at solidaritesansfrontieres@gmail.com

*In the context of the pandemic, we ask that all participants maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from one another
*We also ask participants who attend the demonstration to wear masks (except for people who cannot for health reasons). The organizers will have masks for those who do not have their own.

* April 30th: Open letter – Undocumented migrants speak out: regularization is the only solution in this time of crisis:

Undocumented migrants speak out: regularization is the only solution in this time of crisis.

* Principles for a regularization programme in Canada: https://www.solidarityacrossborders.org/en/principles-for-a-regularization-program-in-canada