The Non-Status Women’s Collective of Montreal needs your support!

femmesstatut22Members of the Non-Status Women’s Collective of Montreal need your support!

While we continue to fight for the regularization of all non-status people, some of our members have lost their jobs due to their status and as a result are in situations of emergency, unable to support their children, pay rent, or pay for basic day-to-day survival needs.

Meanwhile, other members work very difficult and dangerous jobs at low pay, often below the minimum wage, at irregular hours that keep them in situations of precarity.

As a result of these systemic injustices, we reaching out to community members with two requests:

(1) Help to cover the immediate survival costs of two of our members, who are in critical situations. Any donation, any amount will help
make a difference. We hope to raise at least 1,000$ amount as soon as possible. Make a donation:
Cheque: Make it out to “Solidarité sans frontières” and mail to 1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204 Montreal, QC H3G 1N1. Put “Women’s Collective Support” in the subject line.
Paypal: Click on the paypal button in the right column at Indicate that it is for “Women’s Collective Support”.
Etransfer: Email to

(2) Jobs offers for our members. Please let us know if you are hiring and have long-term, short-term, part-time, punctual or odd jobs available. Due to issues of status, this would have to be informal/undeclared/under the table work. If you have any work to offer, please email us at

Materially supporting those who are systematically excluded from basic autonomy and dignity due to Canada’s immigration system is one way of
contributing to the broader struggle for migrant justice, open borders, and the freedom of all to move, to stay, and to return.

Thank you for your support.

Status, justice, and dignity for all!

Who we are:
The Non-Status Women’s Collective of Montreal formed in October 2015, initiated by non-status women who wanted to get together, help each other and fight side by side. Among the most precarious groups in Canada, non-status women live without any immigration status and so are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, often working the most dangerous and difficult jobs without access to health care, education or social services and living under the constant threat of detention and deportation. We are from many different origins and backgrounds, and we all have distinct stories to tell. We fight together to reject the case by case system and demand the regularization of everyone living without status in Canada.

– Implement an immediate, comprehensive regularization program for all those living undocumented; & immediately:
– Accès aux normes de travail et aux autres droits humains, quel que soit le statut migratoire
– Mise en place d’une vraie ville sanctuaire, dont pas de collaboration entre la police et les services frontaliers
– Accès aux soins de santé
– Accès à l’éducation pour tous les enfants et adults

Contact us: