Art Action / Performance and Gathering: We are All Essential. Status for All.

Saturday, August 8th at 11am
Justin Trudeau’s office, 1100 Crémazie East (Cremazie or Jarry Metro), Montreal

Following our big march on July 4th, and the Speak-Out to break the fear in front of immigration offices on July 26th, we are determined to move forward because the situation of non status migrants remains very urgent. Our goal is regularizing the status of all migrants and we will not stop until our cause is won. our movement is growing every day, here as well as across the entire country. We are now organizing a rally in front of Justin Trudeau’s Montreal office on August 8th at 11am. Please bring a symbol or your work uniform to show that you are also a full member of society, that you are also essential, like every human being. After the rally, we will remain to listen to music, get to know each other and discuss our big plans for marching from Montreal to Ottawa.

Bring your children!

If you wish to participate in the rally but have questions or needs in order to participate, please contact us in advance

Photos from the July 26th Speak Out, United to Break the Fear, Status for All