PRESS RELEASE: Cancer patient and survivor of gender-based violence, Evelia Castrejon Santoyo, is being detained and deported this morning despite life threatening medical situation

MONTREAL, December 10th, 2013A Montreal woman who is currently undertaking chemotherapy for stage 3 ovarian cancer is being detained and is facing deportation to Mexico this morning, December 10, on International Human Rights Day. A request to allow for a stay of deportation was rejected yesterday by the Federal Court.

Evelia Castrejon Santoyo, 47, a migrant from Mexico who has lived in Montreal for more than five years, recently learned that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) would insist on deporting her, despite her life-threatening medical situation. She had chemotherapy this past Monday, December 2nd, and needs to receive more doses in the coming weeks.

She was escorted from her home to the airport by three Canada Border Services Agents this morning and is currently being held in detention at the Montreal Trudeau Airport awaiting a flight at 10am.  Mrs. Castrejon Santoyo is denouncing her deportation and asking for public support.

In Mrs. Castrejon Santoyo’s words: “I am astonished by such lack of humanity. Canada is a privileged country, but they treat me worse than a Third World country. CBSA has put me through countless forms of violence, intimidating me and my doctors, interrupting my cancer treatments, and denying me the medical attention I desperately need in order to survive.

This violence is not isolated, but also enacted on countless others who come to Canada fleeing violent persecution. My heart goes out to Khurshid Begum Awan, a Pakistani woman who has taken sanctuary in a Montreal church and who has endured huge amounts of intimidation and stress at the hands of the CBSA.

I denounce the very real violence and racism of Canada’s immigration system, and the inhumanity that this system continues to perpetuate.”



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December 6th Press Release: /en/a-montrealer-undergoing-chemotherapy-treatments-fights-her-deportation-scheduled-for-december-10th

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