in the context of anti-deportation days

SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 5pm @ NO BAD SOUND, 3730 de Courtrai

Join us for a family-friendly block party for the launch of a short documentary film on the struggles of migrants and indigenous peoples to create alternative networks of mutual aid in the face of the Canada’s exclusionary immigration system. Free food and live music by local artists.
FOOD will begin at 5pm, followed by a FILM screening, and the night will end with MUSIC to groove to.

We don’t unfortunately currently have the dimensions of the doors, but there are no steps to enter No Bad Sound and it is on the first floor. There will be seating throughout the event. We will be updating the event with more detailed accessibility info as soon as we have it.

Out of consideration for people who are chemically sensitive, please refrain from wearing perfumes and other scented products!