Media Coverage – Lakatos

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CTV, Roma family loses deportation fight, must leave country on 11 August, 28 July 2016

CJAD, Lakatos family face deportation, call for Immigration Minister to Intervene, 28 July 2016

Gazette, Roma family facing deportation waits in bureaucratic limbo, 18 July 2016

CJAD, Roma refugees granted temporary stay after threat of deportation, 18 July 2016 [note: this article is inaccurate: the government did not step in to grant a temporary stay in July. see here for correct sequence of events.]

Global TV, Roma family living in limbo after Temporary Residence Permit expires, 17 July 2016

Global TV,  ‘Here in Canada, I can have a normal life’: a Roma family on the verge of deportation, 15 July 2016

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Photos from press point, 15 July 2016

Le Devoir, Les Lakatos seront expulsés samedi, 14 juillet 2016

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Huffington Post, Une adolescente Rom et sa mère menacées d’expulsion du pays jeudi, 10 mai 2016

Photos from press conference 10 mai 2016