We ask the entire Montreal Qc Community, and Canada for your support and solidarity so that LUCY is released and stays in Canada. Lucy Granados; Immigrant mother of 3 children; After living 9 years in Canada, on March 20 she was violently arrested by the Border Agents of Canada and sent to the Montreal Laval Detention Center. Currently his health is very delicate and at the same time at risk of deportation for Friday April 13, 2018.

Lucy Say “There are no windows. I want to see some light. I want to breathe. I do not even remember my own name anymore. ”

Like Lucy Granados there are tens of thousands of other undocumented people in Montreal, Lucy works long hours for a misery salary. Through her involvement with community organizations such as the Non-Status Women’s Collective and the Temporary Agency Workers’ Association, she has made our society better.

Lucy’s violent arrest continues to terrorize her. She had recurring reversals of the four CBSA officers who used excessive force to stop her, injuring the tendon in her arm and leaving a bruise on her neck. Since her detention, Lucy has been hospitalized twice urgently. In the hospital, his feet were handcuffed. Two CBSA officers were at the entrance of his room. Lucy was not entitled to any appeal and visit except her lawyer. Neither his lawyer nor his family were informed of his hospitalization.

We are asking the Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, to stop the deportation process for Lucy. We are asking the Minister of Immigration, Mr. Ahmed Hussen, to fulfill his legal duties and to accept Lucy’s request for permanent residence on humanitarian grounds. We denounce the violence and abuse of the CBSA and demand the initiation of an investigation into the treatment of Lucy Francineth Granados.

Join us in this Community and solidarity action, bring your family, neighbor, friends etc; candles, balloons, banners, masks, puppets, DEMONSTRATES YOUR INDIGNATION.